What is preconception counselling?

Preconception counselling is health care from a gynecologist and obstetrician aimed at preparing and enhancing your health before you become pregnant. By planning for your pregnancy, you are able to ensure healthy choices for your baby and his or her future. Preconception counselling is done by Dr Makhubo by focusing on your current and ideal health before getting pregnant.

What is the aim of these visits?

The goal of preconception counselling is to detect any possible risks to you and your baby, address any medical issues and get you to an ideal health before getting pregnant. It is all about getting you as a future mom to your healthiest self both physically, mentally and emotionally before conceiving. Having a healthy pregnancy is an excellent start to motherhood, and in order to do that Dr Makhubo provides comprehensive preconception counselling at her practice.

What will happen during these preconception consultations?

During your preconception consultation, Dr Makhubo will ask a range of questions based on your genetics, family history and your medical and gynaecological history. These questions will allow her to get an understanding of your current health and what level of health would be ideal before you fall pregnant.  Your mental and emotional wellbeing, as well as your lifestyle habits may be discussed in order to see what can be done to make sure you and baby have a happy healthy pregnancy.

After a physical check-up and a pelvic exam, she will be able to advise you on health concerns she may have an aid you towards maintaining a healthy lifestyle be it suggestions on weight loss, instilling a balanced diet, quitting smoking and drinking and possible immunizations you may need. She may also offer advice on fertility awareness,

infertility issues and prenatal vitamins. Beyond preconception counselling, Dr Makhubo will also be able to guide you thru your pregnancy journey with antenatal assessments and your delivery plan. She aims to provide comprehensive maternity health care for her patients and thus also focuses on post-partum counselling to ensure a happy and healthy start to motherhood.