Some mothers feel an immediate intense bond with their baby while others feel detached at first – how you react is a unique experience and absolutely normal. Dr Makhubo strives to provide comprehensive post-partum care both physically and mentally to ensure both mom and baby are healthy and happy.

While welcoming a baby into the world is a joyous occasion, it involves many physical, emotional and social adjustments including the challenges of sleep deprivation, depression and feeding demands. Maternal care after delivery is vital for happy and healthy mothers, children and families as a whole.

Ensuring optimised health for mom post-partum is focused on by Dr Makhubo through emphasising the importance in attending post-partum assessments up to 6 weeks after birth. During these appointments with your gynaecologist and obstetrician, she will assess both your physical and emotional health as well as offer guidance in navigating motherhood and the challenges you may be faced with. When it comes to raising a child and adjusting to motherhood, apart from the support structure that family and friends can provide, Dr Makhubo has the medical experience in post-partum care and related health implications such as post-partum depression or baby blues.